Blasted Art provides a full range of services.

To  start a project call us and give us an idea of what you are  considering. We have a large pool of vendors we work with to create  projects. We are connected and respected. 

When  it comes to sandblasting we can sandblast almost any solid surface. We  can work on almost any size. Glass, rocks, metal, concrete, granite. The  list is endless. 

We  can work with your architect or contractor. We can originate artwork or  use your artist's work. We can recreate that loved piece of glass that  was broken. (Keep those broken pieces) Blasted Art is excellent in  collaboration. 

In many instances we can sandblast on site. 

• Glass painting

• Graphic production
• Signage (including Braille)

​• Project Management
• Samples
• Glass Bonding (chemical)
• Glue Chipping

• Nibbled Edges